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Katja Lösönen



I’m a brand management professional specialised in strategic communications management, brand communications, and visual communications. In addition to brand and communications strategies, I also make and apply communication plans, and consult on brand communication process development.

My speciality is sustainable, international brands and value-based companies. I have broad experience from the Finnish textile industry, and voluntary organizations.

I have helped create numerous successful brands and brand communications concepts. Apart from my creativity, I also have the ability to put strategies into practice, manage large concepts, and develop communications as a whole. Interactive brand communications across digital platforms and communication channels will help you to know your customer, while marketing efficiently and improving sales. I believe that a well-planned strategy, strong values, and well-structured communications are key to a successful business.

I have a background in journalism, and am especially interested in interactivity and social phenomena, using them efficiently in brand management and corporate governance. I have an MA degree from University of Vaasa (communications & management) and a degree in media studies from Lahti Institute of Design (photography).

My consulting services are also available through Ely.

+358 50 336 3868

Maarit Kallio



I have many years of experience from strategic brand management and marketing development in different sectors. I help companies develop strategic thinking and strengthen their established brand, or to create a new brand concept. Consistent brand building is an important part of any success story.

Apart from developing brand and marketing strategies for my customers, I specialise in marketing plans, and product and service design. My strengths are understanding large concepts and proceeding consistently. I create authentic, international brands with goal-oriented, compelling and structured marketing. My passion is to consult sustainable companies with strong values to develop at large. I truly believe that brands that carry society towards a sustainable future will thrive.

I also have my own lifestyle brand, Kind for Dogs, aimed at dogs and dog owners, which is currently expanding internationally. The experience from having my own business helps me understand that of others, and has improved my skills in design management, product design, content marketing, and consumer sales online.

I have an MSc from University of Vaasa (marketing). My consulting services are also available through Ely.

+358 40 048 7039