Does your business require development?

Katinka Kreative has been an expert partner for ELY’s development services for enterprises since 2017. The purpose of the ELY Centres’ marketing and customer consultation service is to develop the companies’ brand management and marketing competence on a strategic level.

We have helped companies develop their business e.g. by creating brand, brand communications and marketing strategies and plans to support them. We have also assisted our customers in developing their use of communication channels, identifying target and interest groups as well as staking out new customer and service journeys. We always plan the concept based on the customers’ needs.

The ELY Centre service is great for growing SME companies, which have established their business and have the potential for profitable operations. The company can operate in Finland or on the international market. The service is not applicable to operational activities in marketing and sales.

The consultation is 2–5 days at a time, and the price for the company is EUR 325 + VAT/day. The maximum number of consultation days is 15 days over three years.

Applying for the service is fast, easy, and affordable. The company applies for the service from the ELY Centre, and the decision to grant the service is made in approximately ten days.

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For more information, see ELY’s website.